Parents of the c-litter

Wasko con todos los santos, whelped on 12.08.2013, HD-0, ED 0, OCD free

Working cert. : IGP 3
Show: SG
Titles and achievements
2019 ISPU World Champion and Team Vice World Champion.
2017 ÖKV performance winner test: 3rd place.
2016 ISPU-WM – 4th place.
Wasko was whelped in Austria in the kennel con todos los santos – and also stayed immediately in the breeder family Reinelt. Judges describe Wasko as a typical giant schnauzer. He is square built and has a typical head with lots of beard and eyebrow. The coat could be a bit harsher. The movement is free and the angulations are very good. Wasko has a friendly nature. In his home he behaves neutrally towards strange visitors.


Lava von Elberfeld, WT: 16.02.2015

Lava is spirited and friendly. At home and in the office Lava is rather calm and relaxed, but on the dog place she shows herself highly motivated and full of enthusiasm for work! Lava is medium sized, correctly built and has a hard coat.

competition: BH, IPO3
show: SG