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Arielle mondioring

Arielle is practising mondioring, a challenging and multifaceted sport – and she is doing very well! 

Angus und Aivy pass the BH Test

An exciting, successful Sunday comes to an end! 2 dogs from our A-litter and their handlers passed the BH test! Gaby with Aivy and Heike with Angus showed super performances on different examinations and were complimented very much by the respective judges. Their joy of working and their good training was especially mentioned. Now three…

Arielle passed the BH test

Arielle passed the BH test with her dog handler . Tina can be very proud, because it is not self-evident that a young dog at the age of only 15 months can perform so well. They are a very good team! The “sports world” is now open to them.

Having fun

On Sunday we had an eventful day with working and swimming. Unfortunately there is no interested person for Whopper who we had a good feeling with and so he is still with us.


Nach wie vor ist Artus/Whopper bei uns. Natürlich mussten wir seinen Geburtstag würdigen und so gab es, neben einigen Leckereien auch einen besonders langen Spaziergang mit Spiel und Spaß!

1. Birthday

Happy birthday  Ally, Aivy, Amanda, Artus, Arielle, Al Capone, Amber, Anjin, Apple, Arano, Aemilius, Angus


Artus vom Gelbstein – Whoppper, 11 months old Unfortunately the “right ones” for Whopper haven’t signed up yet. And so we started to work with him. Whopper has developed very well. He is getting more and more attentive and likes to work with us. Of course he is still a clown – as you can…

Artus 9 month

Artus is a pretty young male. In the coming days we are planning a visit to the Groomer

Artus lernt Kontrolle

Artus/Whopper is just learning, that the observance of rules is important, especially in protection ! >


Nice weather – almost 18 °C,  splashing around is fun! Artus with his mother and “aunt” Summer – just a short video clip.

protection is fun!

The second time at protection work Artus shows high drive and really proper grips. Parents