Lava von Elberfeld

Lava von Elberfeld was born on 16 February 2015 in the kennel “von Elberfeld”.
She is a cheerful and spirited bitch. Her greatest pleasure is to work with us.
At home and in the office Lava is rather quiet. So Lava is a family-, office-, and sports-dog! We hope for a long time together with our Lava!
Ulli + Klaus in April 2015


Lava von Elberfeld, WT Febuary 16.2015, RS, WH 65 cm, HD A1
V.: Hennes vom Lindelbrunn, WT 19.10.2009, RS, HD A1, ED frei
AKZ: BH, IPO 1-3, Teilnahme an VDH DM 2014, ISPU-WM Teilnahme 2013 und 2015
M.: Xeena von Elberfeld, WT 01.06.2012, RS, HD A1
AKZ: BH/VT, IPO1-3, Teilnahme IPO DM RS 2016 und 2017, Teilnahme an ISPU WM 2016 und 2017, Teilnahme an der VDH DM 2017

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